DIY: Animal Masks

Our research group studies quite a few different animal species and we love to do science communication events – so we’ve got a few resources that we thought would be nice to share with carers of primary/elementary school kids.

One of the activities that we do is a colouring station where kids can colour in masks and learn a little about the animals. We’ve used masks from and included a few facts about the animals that we study: chimpanzees, dogs, and parrots!

We also run a little quiz show activity with the masks. After the kids have coloured in a chimpanzee and a dog mask, you can ask them these “chimpanzee vs. dog” questions and they hold up the mask that they think is the correct answer. Questions with a green dot next to them are easier, and questions with a red dot next to them are more challenging. [Disclaimer: some of these questions give a simple answer — but there are some abilities that both dogs and chimpanzees have. We haven’t created the perfect quiz, but we believe it’s at a good entry level for primary/elementary school kids!]
And as always, if your kids (or you!) have any followup questions about animal behaviour, I’ll do my best to answer them! You can comment on this post or tweet at me @kirstyegraham. Happy colouring!

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