Outreach & Talks

I’ve accumulated quite a few clips of my research talks and outreach over the years, so thought it might be nice to keep them all in one place! You can also catch me on some recent podcast episodes, if that’s your thing: W.E.E. Podcast & Bisexual Brunch.

This year, I was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week! You can catch the R4 episode here. Cat Hobaiter and I also recently appeared on an episode of Animal Einsteins with Chris Packham, that included an online game where you can test your great ape gesture knowledge.

If you have a spare 5 minutes and want to learn more about my research on “Understanding animal communication”, here’s a quick overview:

I gave a few recorded talks in 2021 that are still available on Youtube. This first one is from the Global Primatology Conference, and I particularly focused on including helpful resources for students:

I also gave more of a research-focussed talk in Primate Conversations and had a longer discussion with The Learning Salon (sorry, neither allow embedded videos, but you can click through to watch on Youtube!)

The Learning Salon discussion was a lot of fun, and reminded me of this interview I did with the Dissenter. It’s so nice to chat through the more conceptual side of things!

Finally, if you need a laugh, you might get a giggle from my Bright Club stand up sets:

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